Imperial Warfare has a stunning armory; pictured is a series of Purple Equipment being put up for auction.

Players of Imperial Warfare have a vast selection of Armor with which to clad their brave Heroes for fierce battles with everything from Echnidnas and Abominable Snowmen to rogue Macedonian clansmen and enemy Heroes. Like many RPGs---but above and beyond most RTS games---Imperial Warfare heroes can don separate items for nearly every part of their bodies. The different forms of armor are as follows:

  • Mail
  • Belt
  • Helmet
  • Pants
  • Boots

I. Required Level/Attribute, Defense, Durability, and GradeEdit

Armor possesses four main characteristics: Required Level, Required Hero Attribute (Power, Command, Physique, or Intelligence), Defense, Durability, and Grade. The Required Level and Attribute of a piece of Armor determine the minimum quality of the Hero who sports it; many of the better equipment in Imperial Warfare requires Levels of 60 or even 80 and their roughly corresponding attributes before it may be worn. Defense describes how much the armor can increase the Defense of the Hero who wears it. The Durability of a piece of Armor describes how many more battles it can withstand before becoming shattered and useless; the Durability of most Armor starts at 100 and decreases steadily as the Hero takes damage in battle. When the durability becomes 0, the item's effects (+HP, +MP, +Def, etc) disappear. Most Armor can be Repaired for a small sum of Gold in order to restore Durability and continue use. Equipment Grade is a rather fuzzy quantitative category featured in the Dante's Circle Expansion Pack to allow players to more conveniently, accurately, and holistically judge the quality of a certain piece of equipment; this becomes important when deciding how much to buy or sell it for at the Auction House.

II. Attribute BonusesEdit

In addition to having a positive effect on Defense, most Armor also offers bonuses for HP, MP, and other Hero Attributes, though the Attributes it enhances aren't always obvious from the name. In addition to conferring Attribute bonuses on Heroes, some Armor also increases the prowess of the troops led by the Hero who wears it; this kind of Armor---and the attributes they adjust---is signaled by the title "[Attribute] Breakage" preceding the name, where [Attribute] is a troop attribute like Power or Speed enhanced by the item.

III. ColorEdit

Finally, aside from their quantitatively described features and bonuses, like Heroes, Priests, and Merchants, pieces of Armor can also be described by the colors White, Green, Blue, and Purple, where White is the least desirable---offering the fewest and least obvious attribute bonuses to Heroes and troops---and Purple the most---raising the most useful Hero and troop attributes by the greatest amount.