Guide 32

By 500 BC, the Roman Republic had established a formidable presence in the territories around the Mediterranean. Yet, the sea was no boundary for L. Junius Brutus, the then first consul of the Republic, as far as the expansion of the Republic was concerned.

However, the military might of the Persian Empire, Roma’s mighty neighbor and strong contender, could not be easily ignored. Its victory against the Egyptian only fuelled the expansion ambition of Darius I, who faithfully carried out what the formidable Cyrus the Great had planned but yet to accomplish.

Unfortunately, Persia’s imperial expansion was thwarted by Alexander the Great, the charismatic leader of the Macedonians, who also had his eye on the rich lands along the River Nile. Despite its long history and bountiful resources, Egypt was reduced to a satrapy of the Persian Empire after the fall of the 26th Dynasty.

The reluctant Pharaoh of the 30th Dynasty, Nectanebo II, attempted a revolt against the Persian rule, whist Zhang Qian, the ambassador sent by Wu Di, the emperor of the West Han Dynasty of Ancient China, liaised with the urban civilizations in Central Asia for the opening of the Silk Routes, the inter-continental trade routes stretching from west China to the heart of the Roman, Persian and Egyptian societies.

The opening of the Silk Routes signified greater connection between these four ancient civilizations. While trade flourished and commercial relationships developed, the imperceptible contention amongst these proud peoples gradually evolved into open conflict to exert its cultural and political supremacy.

War is looming on the horizon. Yet, it is no ordinary war - it is warfare of an epic scale that will determine the destiny of the empire!

Imperial Warfare is upon us!

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