Nation 03

China, the dragon of East Asia.

Despite a lack of written records, archeological data suggest that villages founded along the Yellow River started to flourish around 5000 BC to form the basis of what is now considered the Chinese civilization. The period before the Shang Dynasty (ca. 1700 BC – ca. 1046 BC) is believed to be a time of war among different chieftains, two of whom, Huang and Yan, are generally considered the ancestors of all Chinese people. The use of the term "Dynasty" to describe the history of this time can be quite misleading, for the land where China stands today had yet to experience stable governance by a single series of rulers until Yu of the Xia established rule along his bloodline, crowning his own son king instead of following his forefathers by having a leader elected for his people.

Special Units: Chu-Ko-Nu, Mangudai

Civilization Bonus: Food Production +20%, Defense Up

Civilization Special: City Build Speed