Offering scarcely more protection than their Savage Age counterparts, Dark Age Cities are just a touch more advanced.

The Dark Age is the second of five ages in Imperial Warfare, and despite the name, actually quite cheery. Leaving behind the Savage Age, your town is starting to show signs of civilization. This age is where the bulk of your empire's expansion takes place and greatly influence it's future.

One of the great unifiers of civilization is religion. As an avenue for spirituality, assembly, and organization; it's tough to beat the reverance and awe of Wonders. Additionally, Temples can also be built to train priests who will lead worship and arouse fervent support for your kingdom, both inside and outside the city walls.

Military tech also jumps with the Dark Age, making available the Military Affairs Center, Archery Range, City Defense Office, and city walls.

Units available in the Dark Age are Archers and Pikemen.


  • 600 Fame
  • Hero Level 10