Garrisoned troops reside in your City Defense Office, where they bravely await uncertain doom at the hands of unseen enemies.

Garrisoning Heroes and troops is the best way you can protect your City from Plunder by enemy troops; it is a great habit to Garrison your military units before logging off for the night or going away on the weekend.

Resources plundered from another City are not cost-free – you make enemies by going down the plundering road. So if you must do it, do it with precaution and station Garrisons in your own City when and after you march to your target in case your enemy decides to seek vengeance for his or her lost Resources.

How to Garrison TroopsEdit

1. To Garrison troops inside your City, simply click your City on the World Map.


2. Then click on the "Garrison" button on the "City Information" interface.


3. In the interface shown below, drag and drop a unit awaiting assignment into a "Garrison" slot and click "Confirm" to guard your City against Plunder.