The fearsome City Grounds Echnidna, just a few small steps away from terrorizing the citizens within your walls.

Grounds Hunting is the first and most basic leveling strategy used by your Hero to gain experience. Not only does hunting in the City Grounds provide valuable training and Items for the Hero, but it also protects the citizens under the Hero's tutelage, as suggested by the imperial offici als who require the Castellan to complete this as part of his or her Novice Tasks.

City Grounds enemies are generally weaker than those targeting in World Map Hunting , but they can still drop enough experience to support a healthy speed of advancement. They also tend to take bestial rather than human forms, though Thugs and Grave Robbers are known to appear occasionally.

Like World Map Hunting adversaries, Grounds enemies fight in large packs whose number of members grows with enemy level. Each enemy has only a few hit points, but when their units number in the thousands their force can be formidable. Also like World Map enemies, they drop experience upon defeat, but unlike their World Map brethren they give Food (as partial compensation for the resources consumed during the march to reach them) instead of Items like Potions and Treasure Boxes. Unlike Lair bosses, however, they never give Equipment or Skills.

Grounds enemies refresh either according to a slow regular rate or upon defeat by a Hero.

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