The Weekly Caesar, Issue 5: Your Source for Imperial Warfare News
July 18, 2011


I. Feature Article: Do Video Games Make You Dumber?
II. This Week's Events
III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth
IV. Hot Item: Time Token
V. Weekly Trivia for an Imperial Coin Pack!

+++I. Feature Article: Do Video Games Make You Dumber?

Despite video games' growing popularity, there remains a vocal group of people who insist that playing video games is bad for mental health, especially for developing minds. The reasoning stretches every imaginable angle: violence, sex, drugs, delinquency, and just overall evil...
See whether your IQ is dropping as fast as your Stone reserves at (

+++II. This Week's Events.

Points for Novice Players on Second Login (until August 1, 2011)
Find out more about upcoming events at (

+++III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth.

"While Imperial Warfare has a paid Item shop, an abundance of free gifts is frequently available--but only for those who keep their eyes open."
---shivaniran (moderator)

Want to dispense useful advice for IW players in future issues? Direct your suggestions to!

+++IV. Hot Item: Time Token.

Mall Price: 4 points
This whimsical little bright blue card reduces a single Hero's Lair Cool-Down to 0, allowing him or her to storm a Lair right on the tail of a previous attack. This is particularly helpful in case you want to quickly synchronize the Cool-Downs of multiple Heroes to enable the creation of a powerful Legion, or if you're scrambling to squeeze just one more Hero Skill out of the enemy before lecture or the end of your office lunch break.

+++V. Weekly Trivia.
This week's question: What is the highest possible level of a Feudal Age Town Center?

Please direct your server name, IGN, and response to by 23:59 PDT July 25, 2011 for your chance to enter a prize drawing for ONE Imperial Coin Pack!

The answers to last week's trivia question "Which civilization has conquered the most Wonders on Templar?" is Persia. Congratulations to all who answered correctly and to LordAlpha on Templar, who received the final prize of a Level 20 Purple Hero Card!

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