Bugs (and Suggestions) for Report to Snail GamesEdit

I. For Definite ReportEdit

1. Touggourt City Center inexplicably regained health halfway through attack by Egypt on Persia (Templar, August 16, 2011)

2. Arsenal (Levels 13-20) Task not properly rewarding players upon completion (all)

3. Unreliable Tower activity during Plunder (not shooting properly for some players) (check all servers)

4. Tremesson does not allow use of Skills [server or game problem?] (Templar)

5. New Year's Box Items currently useless (all)

6. Merchants no longer able to sell Arena Medals (all)

7. HP Potion incorrectly named MP Potion. (all)

8. Territory Contract sold in Mall does not exist. (all)

9. Baghdad and Samaton erroneously connected for Merchant trade. (all)

II. For Possible ReportEdit

1. Tremesson does not allow use of Skills [server or game problem?] (Templar)

2. New Year's Box Items currently useless (all)

3. Merchants no longer able to sell Arena Medals (all)

III. Already Reported; Being FixedEdit

1. Recruitment Order translation error: Should say that Item adds only one, not two, slots to building queue for three or seven days [NEW]

2. Dante's Circle 70-second spree and 80-second spree tasks need to be completed in 50 and 60 seconds, respectively; task requirements need to be adjusted to reflect description (or vice-versa) [NEW]

3. Basic Recruitment Order Mall Item does not exist; currently manually compensating all players who purchase one (all)

4. Captcha system for Dante's Circle and Arena not working properly (Ares)

5. Captcha system for Arena not working properly (Doom, Templar)

6. Christmas Candy (Magical Icicle) converted to Renaissance Insignia after expansion release, but Renaissance Insignia is just useless copy of Item Rebirth Medal (all)

7. Need at least two more Neutral Area War days (all)

8. "Garrison" screen for defense of Wonders during Neutral Area War has overlapping characters (all)

9. Opening cut scene still using Snail's text; should use IW's translation (all)

10 About 50+ minor translation fixes (all)

11. Prize reception for some Novice Tasks is laggy (all)

Suggestions (Not Yet Reported)Edit

1. Plunder-free days: Give every player 3 days per month of Plunder protection



2. Purple Equipment Boxes: Rerelease for-purchase Purple Equipment Packs in Mall.


Con: OP heroes, Payers get too much advantages.

3. Make separate tabs for items and announcements in system mail (all)