A particularly riveting Neutral Area War for Egyptian occupation of a Wonder held by Rome.

Neutral Area War is where it all goes down, when the four Civilizations pull up their bootstraps, tighten their belt buckles, and dispatch their fiercest Guilds into the Neutral Areas to overtake World Wonders, slay enemies, and win lots of Rank points for their Heroes.

1. Declaration RequirementsEdit

Neutral Area Wars may be declared on World Wonders within the Neutral Area of choice only by leaders of Guilds with at least 30 members, 100,000 Fame, and 100,000 Gold. Each Guild may declare only one War per day, but this, of course, does not prevent them from defending the Wonders that may be attacked by other Guilds during this time.

Neutral Area War in Imperial Warfare happens three times a week:

  • Tuesday, 11:00 to 14:00 PST
  • Thursday, 19:00 to 20:00 PST
  • Saturday, 19:00 to 20:00 PST

Each Neutral Area War declaration must be effected within two hours of this period. A Guild's war declarations may be made only on Wonders in Neutral Areas that adjoin those of Wonders already occupied by that Guild.

2. Battle Procedures Edit

Once War is declared and two hours have passed, members of the declaring Guild may line up to enter the Wonder's battlefield. Each battle lasts only twenty minutes, during which time up to 15 Heroes and their adjoining Troops may enter the contest three at a time. The winning side is the one that decimates the other side's troops within the allotted time; ties maintain the status quo of occupation.

Before a World Wonder is held by any player Guilds, it is held by NPC players commanding a variety of Level 3, 4, and 5 Troops. Once it is held by a Guild, the occupying Guild takes the place of the NPC, and PvP battles (each side with up to 15 Heroes 3 at a time) ensue for the ultimate rights to the Wonder.