A Merchant carrying her load to a Metropolis for sale.

Selling is the second step on a Merchant's journey to riches. While buying goods can be accomplished at either Villages or Cities, selling them can be done only at large Cities called Metropolises. At a Metropolis, the Merchant gets a chance to profit from differences in supply and demand in buying and selling markets and sell goods at a higher price than the one at which she bought them.

The sale price of a good increases with two factors: the distance between its places of purchase and sale and the Eloquence attribute of the Merchant.

How to Sell Products (and Buy More) in a MetropolisEdit

1. Dispatch your Merchant and travel along the World Map until you reach a Metropolis. Then locate the Merchant as directed in the Buying guide. Click on the Metropolis where your Merchant is located on the World Map.


2. Click on the "Market" button of the Metropolis interface.


3. As you can see, this interface is very similar to the Trade interface for Buying in the Village (for a more detailed description of its functions, please refer to the Buying page); the only difference is that the one in a Metropolis has a "Sell" button as well as price information on the products that the merchant is selling (see "Sell Price" in the lower right corner; if it is significantly higher than the Basic Price, then you should sell the Item). At a Metropolis, the price of the products carried by the Merchant will have increased relative to their price at purchase based on the distance of this Metropolis from the Village at which you purchased them. This, along with the Merchant Eloquence attribute, determines your profit from trading. After selecting the type and number of Items you wish to sell and clicking "Sell," click "Dispatch" to continue on your journey.


4. As with other points on a trade route, select your next destination on the trade map and click "Dispatch" to confirm your choice.