Knights Armed

Roman Armored Knights

Rome Special Units

Rome has 2 Special Units.

The first is the deadly Roman Armored Knight, Rome's scariest warriors; some say they are the God of Death's messengers.

HP= 500

Attack= 60

Defance= 75

Load= 310

Speed= 18

Attack Speed= 2

Population= 2

Food Used= 9

Attack Range= 1-1

In-Battle Speed= 15.6



Rome last Special Unit are the Gladiator, the most remorseless killer on the battlefield, like an untamed beast.

HP= 400

Attack= 90

Defance= 36

Speed= 11

Load= 310

Food Used= 9

Attack Speed= 3 Seconds

Population= 2

Attack Range= 1-6

In-Battle Speed= 6.3

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