The Weekly Caesar, Issue 11: Your Source for Imperial Warfare News

August 29, 2011


I. Feature Article: It Ain't Easy Makin' Games: When Console Games Turn Evil

II. This Week's Events

III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth

IV. Hot Item: Lightning Rod

V. Weekly Trivia for Training Ground!

+++I. Feature Article: It Ain't Easy Makin' Games: When Console Games Turn Evil.Edit

This time in It Ain't Easy Makin' Games, we'll return briefly to the world of consoles for not one but two system-hacking equivalents of the Windows-killing Anarchy Online 11.2 patch, one for the Nintendo DS and one for Playstation. Alas, nobody's perfect, but is it really that hard to make a game that doesn't wipe your entire PS memory card... See what happens when console games turn on you at (

+++II. This Week's Events.Edit

1. September Guild Blitz: Win Up to 44,000 Special Units Until September 15! 2. Recruiting for the IW Vanguard Until September 1! 3. Five Circles of Hell Challenge Blast 4. Several unannounced Facebook events on the horizon... keep an eye out.

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+++III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth.Edit

Awww, nobody's submitted any advice! Want to dispense useful information for IW players in future issues? Direct your suggestions to!

+++IV. Hot Item: Lightning Rod.Edit

Mall Price: 20

This Item is absolutely necessary if you want to have a prayer at defeating the virtually invincible Lightning Guards outside your City; otherwise, they'll turn even the strongest armies into mincemeat in a matter of minutes. At 20 points, this Item certainly isn't the cheapest good on the market, but it's a pretty good deal for the high-level Purple Equipment that the Lightning Guards are guaranteed to drop.

+++V. Weekly Trivia.Edit

This week's question: What proportion of IW players are female? A. 10% B. 25% C. 35% D. 60% E. 70%

Please direct your server name, IGN, and response to by 23:59 PDT September 4, 2011 for your chance to enter a prize drawing for ONE Training Ground!

Nobody was able to provide a correct answer to last week's question, "What is the longest-established Guild in Imperial Warfare?"--not even members of the Guild. We'll lay the question to rest for now; it might pop up again in the future.

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