The Weekly Caesar, Issue 9: Your Source for Imperial Warfare News August 15, 2011


I. Feature Article: Freedom is Slavery: An Argument for Old-School Video Game Music II. This Week's Events III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth IV. Hot Item: Training Manual V. Weekly Trivia for Battlefield HP Potion!

+++I. Feature Article: Freedom is Slavery: An Argument for Old-School Video Game MusicEdit

Writing an 8-bit OST that lasts for years in the gaming community's collective memory is like riding a broken bicycle to win a road race against a tricked-out Porsche... Find out why simpler is better at (

+++II. This Week's Events.Edit

1. Guild Domination Blitz: Win Up to 44,000 Special Units! 2. Points on Second Login for Novice Players! 3. Bonus Points to Spice Up Early August! 4. Several unannounced Facebook events on the horizon... keep an eye out.

Check our recent events often on our homepage (

+++III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth.Edit

"In battles, heroes die = morale drops = troop damage drops." --LordAlpha, Templar

Want to dispense useful advice for IW players in future issues? Direct your suggestions to!

+++IV. Hot Item: Training ManualEdit

Mall Price: 5 This awesome little book allows you to speed up your recruitment of military units by 50% for one hour, giving you a boost over your opponents when preparing for Plunder or recovering from Wonder War. But be careful---you need to use it before you start recruiting, or else it has no effect.

+++V. Weekly Trivia.

This week's question: What Civilization has the Special Unit with the highest base Attack value?

Please direct your server name, IGN, and response to by 23:59 PDT August 20, 2011 for your chance to enter a prize drawing for ONE Battlefield HP Potion!

The answer to last week's question, "What is the ratio of human to non-human World Map enemies (not including Lairs or Wonders) in the latest version of IW?" is about 4:1. Congratulations to all who answered correctly!

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