A Merchant carrying her load to a Metropolis for sale.

While the most exciting Merchant activities are Buying goods at Villages and Metropolises and Selling them at other Metropolises, Merchants spend by far the most of their time Traveling from place to place on the World Map. The speed at which they travel is determined by their Speed attribute.

The number of Villages that a player can queue for Merchant crossing upon Dispatch increases by one for every ten levels held by the Merchant, allowing the player to program increasingly long trips into Merchant activities and freeing them from the need for constant intervention on her or his course.

Merchant Raiding Edit

While Traveling, Merchants are subject to the danger of being raided by passing enemy Heroes, each of which encounters severely decreases Merchant morale, gives the raiding Hero exactly one experience point, and causes novice players a great deal of undue stress and alarm. Perhaps Merchant Raiding, like 2v2 and DOTA Arena functions, Chinese Red Envelope Item synthesis, and other as-yet unintroduced but much anticipated side functions, will be implemented in a future patch of IW.