The Jade Hare Ornament is given up by the special Jade Hare NPC during Lunar New Year events. It can also be purchased in the Mall for $0.50.

In addition to its many Heroes, troops, enemies, and other units, Imperial Warfare also has a couple of extra characters who make occasional appearances:

I. Palace NPCsEdit

These units are the imperial leaders who guide new players through Novice Tasks. Different for each Civilization, they loosely reflect historical events and figures consonant with the period in which the Imperial Warfare story unfolds.

  • Persia: King Darius, High Priest Ardashir, Governor Artabazus, General Memnon
  • Egypt: King Ramesses II, Great Priest Huni, Queen Nefertari, General Radames
  • China: Han Emperor Liu Che, Doctor Dong Zhongshi, Military Officer Tian Feng, General Li Guang
  • 'Rome: ' Consul Octavius, Aristocrat Lepidus, Elder Pompeius, General Agrippa

II. Metropolis NPCsEdit

Every Metropolis on the Imperial Warfare World Map has its own Palace with a few NPCs willing to give up pithy tidbits of wisdom with a swift click of the mouse.

II. Special Event UnitsEdit

These units pop into the game from time to time as the occasion arises with various holiday seasons.

Santa Claus: Winter holiday season NPC; similar to New Year Jade Hare. Randomly appears on World Map; first to locate gets a special prize.

Abominable Snowman: Special combat NPC available during winter holiday season.

New Year Jade Hare: Lunar New Year NPC; operation similar to Santa Claus. Randomly appears on World Map; first to locate gets a Jade Hare Ornament used to open Moonlight Treasure boxes.