A Level 3 Village. The balance icon indicates that a Merchant is currently housed here. The presence of the gargantuan Lv38 Wild Boar is a meaningless coincidence.

The landscape of Imperial Warfare is pockmarked with Villages, small outposts of economic advancement between their larger Metropolis cousins. The purpose of Villages is to provide sale Items for player Merchants to purchase and transport to locations of lower supply and higher sale prices (and, one must surmise, to house the faceless characters who sell such Items). Merchants can travel among Metropolises only by way of Villages; unfortunately, however, they can only buy, and not sell, their wares here. Moreover, each Village exacts a tax on the Merchants passing through it, so every Merchant must be sure always to carry enough Gold in order to avoid being turned away from their final destination at a random Village guardhouse.